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For this project, I interviewed individuals who shared their perspectives on their relationship with their mobile devices. Their stories were captured on audio and presented in the form of engaging motion posters and an insightful podcast.

The design and patterns were inspired by individuals' phone passcodes, emphasizing how our digital presence and use of technology have impacted our identities, with a furry cozy yet sharp and edgy feel to it.

This project explores the complex relationship between individuals and their phones, as well as the digitalization of emotions, ways of living, and communication. A combination of visual mediums including a podcast, zine, and motion posters, communicate the ways in which individuals are becoming increasingly infatuated with their devices, and the implications this has on our overall well-being.

Digital Infatuation

Motion Posters, Podcasts, Publication Design & Exhibition Design

Zine: A visualization about my relationship with my phone from 2023 March 1-15

A system of visualization I designed  to graphically portray my relationship with my phone 

Podcast: The recorded conversation of people talking about their dynamics with their phones is available on Spotify. LISTEN HERE 

Index: A-Z of the modern-day digital infatuation

Exhibition Design 

An immersive experience of the Motion Posters